Ski School Ski Review

Today I was able to put the skis through a work out although somewhat limited because of the limited ski conditions. We need some natural snow and some cold weather for snow making. That aside, the skis do exactly what I wanted them to do. It’s a bit soft in the flex but torsion-ally fairly firm. Great for cranking out turn after turn. They hold extremely well on both hard pack and soft snow and hold the edge great. The conditions this morning were what I would call frozen granular. By mid morning the trail softened up nicely and by 2:00-2:30 the conditions started to freeze up again. The skis worked great in both conditions. And the graphics were a hit!

Very happy with the skis and I think the size and wood combination is a real winner. The ski dimensions are 168cm length, ski core profile is 3-10-3 and ski dimensions are 124-72-108. The wood combination is 20inches of ash under foot, douglas fir down the middle, maple sidewalls, ash veneer for tip fill.

As I get more skiing time on these under more conditions I’ll report back. Tomorrow I’ll be testing another pair. The skis are 178cm length, 3-12-3 maple core profile,  ski dims are 130-86-116, sidewalls are alternating cherry and maple. This ski is what I call a green ski. It’s an all wood ski, no fiber glass or epoxy. There are 2 layers of poplar. One layer below the core and one above. The top sheet is a teak veneer with a walnut stain. P-tex base. Some pics I took awhile ago, which are also posted on

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