Ski Review Continued

Yesterday I skied both skis. The ski school ski (now known as the “dia de los muertos” skis) was awesome. Got to spend some time on them and really leaned into them, they never gave up. It’s a keeper!

The all wood ski (“Wicked Wood”??) also was good. Didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked skiing on them as I wanted. The first I crashed and burned, the heel wasn’t adjusted for properly and I had too much play and as soon as I cranked my first hard turn I went down and ski took off. Once I go them adjusted all was fine. The radius is about just under 17m. Big difference from┬ádia de los muertos skis. Also the Wicked Wood skis much firmer. It’s all maple core with a 3-12-3 dims. Holds very nice so far.

Hopefully I’ll get some more time on them this week and will report back.

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