Ski Offerings

I passed out a number of business cards at our final race wednesday night 3/7 and at the PSIA event. Below is my current list of ski offerings. If you’re interested in a ski contact me at the email address below for a current price list. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Crafting hand made skis one pair at a time. Currently, I’m offering 3 lines of skis and a “green line”. If you don’t see something you like below contact me about a design you have in mind.

Northeast Series

Ski Lengths Ski Dimension Radius
168cm 124-72-108 12.5m
174cm 124-72-108 13.5m
180cm 124-72-108 14.5m

Master Series

Ski Lengths Ski Dimension Radius
166cm 125-82-108 15.5m
172cm 125-82-108 16.8m
178cm 125-82-108 18.1m

GSComp Series

Ski Lengths,Ski Dimension,Radius

All wood cores are a blend of vertically laminated ash/maple/douglas fir. For a ski that’s a bit firmer I can make a thicker core. For an extra firm ski all maple or ash is used. After all this is a custom ski made to your liking.

Green Line Series – A Green Line ski is primarily an all wood ski. No fiber glass here. The wood core is the same as above, then it’s horizontally laminated using poplar veneer topped off with a top sheet of your choice. Base is P-Tex Durasurf 4001 and metal edges.

Custom Top Sheets

Make your ski one of a kind by choosing a top sheet of your choice.

Top sheets are either light weight cotton fabric of your choice or a wood veneer. For cotton fabrics the sky the limit. See the “Ski review 2011-2012” for a great example of how cotton fabric makes for an outstanding one of a kind ski.

Current sample of wood veneer top sheets. There are many more types I can order and I’ll be adding to the list. See the “Ski review 2011-2012” for samples of wood veneer.

In the future I’ll be offering original art work by Missy Ashton as top sheets as well.

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