PSIA Level I Examine

A slight diversion from ski building…

I passed my PSIA Level I (Professional Ski Instructors of America) test yesterday 3/8. Spent wednesday and thursday skiing at Wachusett Mtn. Learned an incredible amount about skiing techniques, learning techniques, visual ques, and coaching. Brain was full by thursday afternoon. WE SKIED A LOT!, from simple wedge turns (volcanoes!), “pizza delivery”, to demystifying mogul fields AKA “spread the peanut butter”! All great ideas, which by the way I’m stealing and bringing back to Blandford 🙂

Met some great folks from Wachusetts Mtn and Yawgoo Mtn in RI, hey Mike and MaryBeth congrats as well! Who knew RI had a ski area?

Skied with Wachusett instructors (hi Monica send me an email and I’ll send some pics of the penguin skis), Riley, Laura, Adian, Olivia from Wachusetts who were also taking the test/passed and they had some great games and ideas for teaching. Mark from Blandford also got his hardware and certificate. It was a lot of fun skiing with the group!

I have some great take aways to bring back to our local hill.
Kudos to Harold Smith our PSIA examiner for keeping us relaxed during our test and making the examine fun and inventive.

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