It’s the Off Season… Or is it?

What does a ski builder do in the off season? Well, as soon as the skis have been cleaned and stored, it’s time to think about next season.

Maintenance and improvements to the ski press were necessary. The hoses used for compression needed replacing. They started leaking and had numerous pin holes that required the air compressor to kick on every 20-30 minutes to maintain pressure. I installed 2 new high pressure hoses and they hold extremely well. I made a new bottom mold that is heavy duty and should make for a flatter base requiring less grinding in the finishing process.

The GS-Comp ski is getting a makeover for 2017-2018. The dimensions and radius will remain the same. However the laminates and camber will be changing. This will give the ski better edge hold and reduce chatter. I’ll be conducting  R + D  of the laminates over the summer.

Attaching edges is a time consuming process and requires about 40-50 spring clamps.  I’m developing a new jig that should cut this time in half, or more. My initial prototype jig looks promising and requires about a dozen spring clamps and a few pistol clamps. I’m also looking into installing a heater for the press. This will allow me to press a pair of skis in less than an hour.

So, there is plenty to keep me busy in the off season and no doubt more things will surface. It’s not all work and no play. I’ll be biking, hiking, kayaking and hitting the gym when I’m not in the shop.

Check back soon!




  1. Robert Johnson Jr · May 16, 2018 Reply

    Hi. I’ve just discovered your product and I’m wondering if you ever offer a demo day anywhere? Do you have a customer forum where I may ask other owners their impressions?
    I am a 35 year PSIA Veteran with a Level 3 in Alpine and a Level 3 in Telemark. I also am working on achieving my AASI Level 3 next season (are you intending any board productions?).
    I am based in th East at Gore Mountain Snow Sports School and at Killington Mountain.
    I am very interested in if you have any representation at these Mountains and if you might consider a relationship with me?
    Please let me know if this seems interesting to you.
    Robert M Johnson Jr
    ( BobbyJpsia)

    • Steve Desmond · May 18, 2018 Reply

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your interest in Desmond Custom Ski Works. I am also PSIA member, level 1. I’m a small scale ski designer/builder, mostly build to order. I’m considering demo days in the future, once I have the ability for capacity. I would like to get more exposure. I did have skis in a local ski shop that gave me great exposure, however the commission rate made it difficult to profit from a sale.

      I can send you email addresses if you want some independent feedback. I’m in the process of redesigning the GS-Comp and retooling to make skis with rocker.

      Let’s talk again soon.

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