Going green doesn’t need to cost you more green. Nor does it mean you need to sacrifice performance.

In my quest to make skis more earth friendly, I’m using natural resources where possible such as Flax, Cork, Wood veneers, local hardwood cores/sidewalls when possible and Entropy Bio Resin.

At the heart of every ski is a wood core that can be made with Ash, Maple, Birch or Poplar or custom blended depending on your needs.  I use a hardwood variable width sidewall made from Ipe, Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) or other hardwoods that covers the full width of the metal edge.  Ipe and Jatoba are extremely dense, rot resistant and 2.5 times harder than ash or maple.

The base is sintered Durasurf 4001 p-tex, metal edges hardened to the industry standard of Rockwell 48, VDS rubber is placed over the metal edges to provide a shear layer.

Each ski is topped off with nature’s graphics (wood veneer). The man-made veneers give a beautiful consistent look and is a great re-use of wood material that other wise would be thrown away. Kingwood, ZiriCote and Olive Ash Burl veneers are just of the veneers available. Each tree is unique so the grain patterns and colors will vary.

For a wider selection of stunning wood veneers, visit
Certainly Wood. The price of the veneer may affect the price of the ski.

No matter which top sheet you choose, it’s sure to turn heads.