2015/2016 Season winding down

So the winter in the Northeast seems to be winding down…  Actually it’s seemed to have a few false starts and then gave up. It’s over for most of us. We were able to get in our last Corporate Race on 3/9, just barely. It was a single course, one and done race. When I left the house for the mountain it was 73F!

The food afterward was great as usual with lots raffle prizes to end the season. Our team, Mt Tom, had a rough season. We took 2nd place in B division which is really 6th place overall. I had a very good season and took 3rd in the 55-59 age group.

Here’s a picture of me taken by photojournalist Mark Phillips. My form is work in progress but it’s getting there.



Take a look at some of the other pics Mark took that night. It was a fun night!

To view more work from Mark go to his website   http://markdphillips.com/

I donated a pair of skis for the raffle. Unfortunately I didn’t get the winners name. I like to get feedback of the skis I make. Hopefully he’ll send me an email after he’s run the skis through their paces.


Now it’s time to work on ski related projects for next season. First on the to-do list is to re-work the shop and try to squeeze a little more room out of it. First up is to re-build the lumber rack and sort through the wood I’ll actually use vs wood that’s been sitting there for years.

Next is a new bottom mold for the press and a heat blanket for the press. The heat blanket will cut the pressing time from 8-10 hours to around 30-45 minutes.

Ski project for next season is a racing ski! To be honest I love my Atomic Redster skis and credit them for having a great racing season. BUT… I’m a ski builder… It will be a challenge and we’ll see where this goes.

Also I’m going to try to post to my blog on a more consistent basis with new developments, at least on a monthly basis.

I’ve hooked up with Wow Signal Media to produce a biographical video for Desmond Custom Ski Works. We had a full day of shooting at the Blandford Ski Area on 2/28. Many thanks to John McCarthy from Wow, Andy Lussier, Steve Grden, John and Marie Koski for showcasing their Desmond skis and spending their day with us filming and skiing. Thanks to Blandford Director Dave Fraser and Snow Sports Director Greg Masciadrelli for their hospitality and making our day a success.

We were able to get 1 more day of skiing on Monday 3/14 at Mount Sunapee in NH. It snowed from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. It looked and felt like winter! John McCarthy from WOW, Andy Lussier and myself spent another day filming and skiing. Conditions were decent and we had a few inches of fresh snow to carve up and tame before the day was done.

Here’s a sneak preview of what WOW filmed at Blandford:

WOW-Sneak Preview

Stay tuned for the final cut!

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