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    GSComp Series in Olive Ash Burl veneer, 175cm

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    Master Series with Skulduggery themed top sheet, 178cm

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    NorthEast Series in Quilted Maple veneer, 168cm

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    NorthEast Series in Sapele veneer, 168cm

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    Skis for the entire family in Dachshund, Cheetah, and Sapele top sheets

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    Custom made 152cm ski featuring Comsic Skulls with Swarovski Crystals

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    Custom made 152cm ski featuring Pink Skulls with Swarovski Crystals

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Welcome to Desmond Custom Ski Works

What’s my philosophy about skiing? What’s my goal?  As a skier it’s to end every run with a big grin. As a ski designer and builder, it’s to end every one of YOUR  runs with a big grin!

Just the way skiing ought to be. Period!

I’m taking a new approach to ski building by taking a glance backward in time and bringing the tried and true methods into modern ski designs. Only the best quality materials are used throughout, from the ski base to top sheet and everything in between.

Each set of skis are made one set a time and have their own distinct personality. These skis are not mass produced. They are made for you.

All wood is hand selected, cut according to its grain. Each wood core is vertically laminated with matching grain to provide for a very durable and predictable ski.