Green Line Series

Going green doesn’t need to cost you more green. Nor does it mean you need to sacrifice performance.

In my quest to make skis more earth friendly, I’m using natural resources where possible. The Green Line Series consist of the same skis already offered. The same durable wood cores are used in the making of the Green Line series but I replace fiber glass with flax.

Flax is a plant based natural resource that’s woven into a fabric that makes for a damp ski to smooth-en out your ride. The man-made veneers give a beautiful consistent look and is a great re-use of wood material that other wise would be thrown away. Add your choice of a man-made veneer topsheet and feel as good as you’ll look.

With the exception of the p-tex base no plastics or foam are used in the construction of your ski.

For a wider selection of stunning wood veneers, visit
Certainly Wood. The price of the veneer may affect the price of the ski.